Cover Idea

Flags and Glory Book 2

Here’s a preliminary cover proposal for my new novel “Flags and Honor.” Would appreciate feedback from fans. Its essentially the same design as the cover of By Force of Arms accept I swapped the Gatling Gun for a World War I artillery piece and a change of the color scheme.. Since the title has the word “flags” plural, I may add a US flag as well, assuming I can get a copyright free picture of a fluttering 30 star US flag. I’m trying to keep it simple. As I’ve said before that’s usually best for an indie author, especially one who makes his own book covers. My original idea was to have a cover that some how displayed the flags of all the major nations that are fighting the war in opposition to each other. I’m unwilling to show what my attempt to make it looked like (yes it was that bad). Work is still proceeding steadily. Best estimate to completion 25-50 days.


2 thoughts on “Cover Idea

  1. Robert Allison says:

    I think that the cover looks just fine. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble could you please put up a couple chapters over the next couple of weeks until it is published.

  2. Robert says:

    Good to see it’s finally out.

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