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As promised here is a list of all the POV characters in my upcoming novel “Flags and Honor.” Let me say that, yes, I know its a lot of characters, and yes I know some people don’t like books with this many characters. All I can say is in order to more fully explore this alternate world and tell a story as massive as the one I am telling it is necessary to have a large cast. Be aware that some of the names are not final. Also beware that there are a few SPOILERS but not too many.

Cole Allens: In By Force of Arms he was a young teenage newsboy who became a war correspondent. In Rebel Empire and Reaping the Whirlwind he was an older and wiser newspaper editor and committed isolationist who again took on the role of war correspondent in an effort to remind his countrymen of the horrors of war. In Flags and Honor, Cole is now in his sixties. He is a founding member of the “Reform Party” which is dedicated to scrupulous armed neutrality. He is also one of Kentucky’s Senators and finds himself opposing the hawkish policies of US President Joseph Foraker.

Joshua Winslow: Now much older, wiser, and some might say cynical, Joshua is one of the only negro surgeons in the United States and the only one in the US Army. He has spent years being looked down upon and belittled for the color of his skin. In the years since the Spanish Confederate War he has been sent on expeditions to South America where he has seen yet more death, misery, and destruction. Now on the eve of the most horrible war in history, he has all but lost faith in humanity.

John “Jack” Reed: Jack is member of the far US left. He writes for a US socialist paper called the Masses based in New York City. He is a labor organizer and Communist agitator. He militantly opposes a new war with the CSA.

John “Black Jack” Pershing:  As one of the most experienced officers in the US Army, General Pershing has been promoted to the General Staff. An angry, embittered, vengeful man, Pershing’s one desire is to see the Confederacy “burned to cinders.”

Charles “Chuck” Archer: As a reconsance pilot in the new US Army Air Corps, Archer is adventurous and daring. At the forefront of a new era of warfare, he knows that the simple  cloth and canvas, propeller driven mono-plane aerial scout that he flies is only the beginning of what lies ahead.

James Harvey: A Kansas farmer with an affinity for Pacifist and Socialist politics, James finds his pacifistic ideals put to the test when his farm is pillaged by Confederate raiders at the start of the war.

Abigale Kight: In a world where the United States has no labor laws and workers who are hurt on the job have no legal recourse, Abigale’s husband is disabled by an industrial accident on the eve of the war. To provide for her disabled husband and her children she must go to work in a factory.

Joseph Foraker: President of the United States. A veteran of both wars of Rebellion, Foraker is an old War Hawk who has longed for the USA to be avenged on the CSA. Like many he believes that war with the Confederacy is inevitable and that there is not room on the North American Continent for both nations. He is willing to resort to any means necessary to achieve victory and bring the CSA to heel once and for all.

Douglas Audrey: The son of Republic of California hero, Nathan Audrey, Douglas is one of the only foreign students at the US Military Academy at West Point. With his fathers imprudence, raw courage, adventurous spirit, tenacious independence, and personal enemies, only the desire of the United States to build an alliance and possibly reunification with California keeps him from being dismissed from the Academy.

Rear Admiral Arthur Leveson: Leveson is one of the most experienced officers in the British Royal Navy. As military tensions between the British-US alliance and the French-Confederate Alliance come to a climax, Leveson is dispatched with a fleet of  warships to the flashpoint of the coming conflict.

Winston Churchill: The young First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill believes that war between Britain and France and their respective allies is inevitable. Once the Confederates and French repudiate their previous agreements concerning the new Panama canal, Churchill plans a naval operation to insure that neither France nor the CSA will ever be able to use it.

Fraser Sutherland: Sutherland is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. At the present he is stationed on the border between British Canada and Russian Alaska which brigands have been using as a refuge from justice with the apparent blessing of Tsarist Russia, which everyone fears has designs on British lands in North America.

Jacob Dickinson: The President of the Confederate States of America. Dickinson is the CSA’s first Progressive President. He managed, against great odds, to get a voluntary emancipation bill through the Confederate Congress. Despite this, the UK and US decided to launch a full embargo upon the CSA until such time as slavery is fully ended. In response Dickinson repudiates a longstanding agreement that had guaranteed the US and Britain access to the new Panama canal which had originally been signed in the late 1890s to avert war. The repudiation brings about the present crisis.

Jefferson Case II: Jeff is a young Confederate Marine who grew up in Cuba. While he looks like a “pure white” his deep dark secret is that his mother was a Mullato. If it ever got out he would lose all the rights and privileges that come with being a White  person in the CSA and be regarded no better than the darkest negro. He is stationed in Panama where France and the CSA are about to open their new canal.

Brock Cartwright: Brock is a black freedman living in New Orleans and working as a cook. At the mercy of his employer and like all free negro men in danger of being arrested and put in the service of the state on any charge they might deign to think up he is considering emigrating to Liberia until war erupts and he finds himself drafted into the Confederate Army.

Patrick Ramsey: The son of Confederate Naval hero and now Admiral Blake Ramsey young Patrick finds himself in Command of one of the CSA’s new submarines. A capable naval officer he is out to prove to his father that he is worthy of the trust the admiral has placed in him and to everyone of his peers that there is more to him than just being an Admirals son.

George Patton: The Grandson of a hero of the War of Confederate Independence and the War of 1869, Patton is one of the most promising young officers in the Confederate Army. Though seemingly born for war, there is little room for traditional Cavalrymen in this new war of trenches and machine guns until he is given a new assignment…

Elias Finney: A thirteen year old boy in North Carolina, Elias and his brother are orphans who live with their aunt. Mischievous, imaginative, adventurous with no knowledge of the true nature of war, he longs to go to war and tries to join the Confederate Army by lying about his age.

John Wilkes Booth II: An intelligence officer with the Confederate Army, John has spent his entire life trying to win the affection and approval of his father, the infamous head of the Confederate Secret Service John Wilkes Booth. A more honorable man than his father, John must tow the line between honor, his fathers methods, and doing what he must for his country.

John Victor Slater: Johns father was killed during the slave uprising of 1895 when he was only 13 years old. He is now a grown man with a wife, and is a ministerial student at a Baptist Seminary. He despises negroes and believes the Bible justifies keeping them in a state of perpetual slavery. To support himself and his wife he also works as a part time guard at a local prison where negroes from the majority of the inmates.

Adi Schicklgruber: Adi is the son of Austrian immigrants who moved to Mexico because their home was devastated during the Second Austro-Prussian War and in response to Mexican Emperor Maximillian’s offer of free land to any Austrian who came to settle in Mexico. A struggling artist, Adi is suddenly captivated by what he sees as the glory of military service when the new war gives him an opportunity to serve.

Lucy Ferrier: Lucy is a thirteen year old girl in the Mormon Nation of Deseret. She is distraught when her sister (who is only two years older than her) is married to a much older man who already has several wives and when her brother is forced to join the Mormon Army.

Janka Gabor: Janka is a Hungarian who serves in the French Foreign Legion. Stationed in French West Africa he finds himself fighting British Colonial Troops at the outbreak of war. His only friend, a black man who comes not from Africa but from America.

Pyotr Nesterov: Nesterov is a daring recon pilot in the Russian Army. While the rest of the world prepares to go to war, Mother Russia is already at war with the Ottoman Empire.

Kohana: A Lakota Indian, Kohana’s people have seen their lands stolen and their culture all but destroyed. Now while the US prepares to fight a war without, Kohana and his people plan to rise up from within and take back what is there’s.

For my next post, I’ll post the opening chapter for one of the characters. Let me know which you’d like to read. Still on course for a late July release though it might be August. Editing is neither fun nor easy.


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