Update on next book

Hello all!

Just wanted to give everyone an update on my next alternate history book. First off, the book is coming along very well. It should be done by July. There have been a few changes. First a change of title. It was provisionally titled Flags and Glory. This has been changed to Flags and Honor. Second there has been a change in how many books will compose the World War I story arc. I had originally planned on a four book arc. I plotted all four at the same time and together they have a total of over 400 chapters. At the rate the manuscript is growing the four books would be extremely long over 100 chapters each. I toyed with the idea of telling the story in eight books instead of four but decided that that would make them too short. In the end I have decided to publish the 400+ chapters in six books. Their provisional titles and the years of the war they will cover are:

Flags and Honor (1914)

Guns and Glory (1914-1915)

Blood and Earth (1915-1916)

Iron and Fury (1916-1917)

Death and Hell (1917-1918)

Dust and Ashes (1918)

The first book will deal mainly with the build up to the war ¬†and its start. The last will deal with the end of the war and its immediate aftermath. My idea with the titles is to reflect the way people view the war at each particular stage. I’m also considering giving the world war I series an overall name. My early idea: THE WAR TO END ALL WARS.

Next, I thought I’d let everyone know who the Presidents of the CSA and USA are.

Jacob Dickinson is President of the Confederate States of America

Joseph Foraker is President of the United States of America

I hope to have Flags and Honor out by July of this year.

For my next post, I’ll give a character list.

Thanks to all my fans and readers!