Alternate History Map– North America–1895-1914

North America 1895 to 1914

Here is a map of North America based on my alternate history novels. This shows the boundaries of the various North American Nations during the interim between the end of the Spanish Confederate War and the World War. As many may have guessed the next book in this timeline will deal with a very different World War 1, from the one in our world. I’ll give some more info about it later but for now just know that the first book is provisionally titled Flags and Glory. I have a lot of research and preparation to do. In the meantime the next Starstorm novel should be finished soon, and after that I can hopefully finally have Barbarossa ready for release. Anyhow hope you enjoy the map!


7 thoughts on “Alternate History Map– North America–1895-1914

  1. John Polidoro says:

    Dear Mr.Billy Bennett, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your books.THEY ARE GREAT READING! I am now reading the second book about the Confederate-Spanish War I also have read “By FORCE OF ARMS” I love alternate history novels.I have read Harry Turtledove and Robert Conroy I believe the three of you are THE BEST writers of alternate history.theYour book “Rebel E mpire”,I could not put down and twice I stayed up until 2A M just to finish more chapters.Please write more of these type of novels,I cannot get enough of them THANK YOU SIR for such wonderful reading

  2. You are very kind sir, thank you so much, I’m glad you are enjoying them. I’m preparing to write a second set of books set in the same timeline which will cover a very different World War 1. Lord, willing I plan to continue writing novels in this timeline and bring it all the way to the present day.

  3. Mike jones says:

    Did you ever finish the last book in the saga of starstorm
    The last hurrah
    If so where can I find it
    The second book kind of left you hanging

    • Hey, Mike, it should be out later this year, perhaps as soon as 2-3 months. I ran into a difficult area and switched to another project to allow it to brew. Sorry I’ve kept you waiting so long.

  4. David Stokes says:

    Dear Rev Bennett, I have just read your trilogy of 1869-95 straight through and thoroughly enjoyed them. I am writing from Swansea, South Wales, UK and can see your faith coming through in the way you write. We just attended a 350th Anniversary of a Baptist Fellowship in Pembrokeshire ie founded under persecution in the reign of Charles11.
    I look forward with great anticipation to “Flags and Glory”

    • Thank you sir. I apologize for the late reply but I only now found your comment on my board. I thank you for your gracious comment. Flags and Honor (I changed the name slightly) has now been released. I hope that you will enjoy it. There is a cameo by Ben Bogard one of the founding members of the Baptist Association to which I belong (based on a true story I heard about him). There is also a new fictional POV character named John Victory Slater. You may recognize him as the young over seer’s son who was murdered by the uprising slaves in Reaping the Whirlwind. One of my peeves with other alternate histories is the way some of them have turned the CSA into an analog of Nazi Germany. It is my firm belief that since the South was and is a bastion of evangelical Christianity that given (admittedly a lot of time) they would have slowly self reformed and corrected the racism that pervaded both north and south. John Victor was created as a character who (considering his background) could easily be seen as becoming a “Southern Hitler” in the vein of Harry Turtledove’s “Jake Featherston.” However, at the start of Flags and Honor, John Victor is a man who has come to know Christ as Savior and who is a young man in Seminary. He is still bitter about the death of his father and uses twistings of scriptures to justify the enslavement of negroes but as the book progresses his experiences in World War 1 and his genuine faith in Christ will combine to drive him away from racism and towards a love of all his fellow man, regardless of skin color. The idea is, if John Victor can change anyone can change– by the power of faith in Jesus. It will take a long time for the CSA in my books to grant equal rights with blacks and it will be a very bumpy road (especially for the negroes). But in the end race relations will be better than they are today in the CSA.

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