Who will be President of the Confederate States at the start of the World War?

Vote for DickinsonVote for Vardaman

LET’S HAVE AN ELECTION! Who do you vote for for President of the Confederate States? One of the funnest (and most difficult tasks) of writing alternate history is determining the fates of real historical figures. One of the things I’m trying to determine is who will fill the roles of various government officials. Chief among the decisions I must make is who will be the Confederate President at the start of world war 1? I’ve narrowed it down to two candidates. Jacob Dickinson and James Vardaman. This also gives me a chance to reveal the two main political parties of the CSA that develop in the nearly twenty years between Reaping the Whirlwind and World War 1. The Populist Party organized in the aftermath of the slave revolt of 1895 on a platform of White Supremacy, the preservation of slavery, the forced deportation of freed negroes, and the repeal of the Negro Conscription Act. Nicknamed “Rednecks” and “Wool Hat Boys”  the Populists have chosen as their candidate James Vardaman. On the opposing ticket, the Progressive Party has nominated Jacob Dickinson. The Progressives evolved from former President Stonewall Jackson’s supporters and have a platform of economic and industrial development, the gradual compensated emancipation of negro slaves, and the development of a fully segregated society in the Confederacy where blacks are treated benevolently and are protected from mistreatment and abuse. Unsurprisingly the Populists have dominated the Presidency since 1898. But by 1910 Populist hardline policies have largely brought the Confederate economy to shambles by further alienating foreign markets giving the Progressives their best chance yet to win the Confederate Presidency. So alternate history fans, read up on these two men and tell me who will make the most interesting President of the Confederacy at the start of world war 1!


Paperback Ready for Release but waiting.

I have my proof copy of Reaping the Whirlwind and its beautiful! E-books make me a lot more money than physical books but there is still something magical about holding a physical novel that you wrote in your hands. So its ready to go and I could order it published literally with a few strokes on the key board, but I’m going to hold off for a while and here’s why. If you go look at the reviews for my last alternate history novel “Rebel Empire” you will notice that most of the initial one star “reviews” written by vitriolic individuals who find my work politically incorrect, or whatever gave there reviews on the paperback NOT on the ebook. They did this because Amazon will allow anyone with an Amazon account to review a paperback book (whether they actually bought it or not) BUT if only the ebook is available then only people who actually buy it are able to review it. I don’t have a problem with people reviewing my books. I respect their right to say they don’t like them. That’s fine. There’s lots of books I don’t like. But I do have a problem with people giving my books one star reviews when its obvious they never read the book to begin with. If you look at the reviews for Rebel Empire and look at the earliest and most vitriolic reviews they don’t have the tag “Verified Purchase” beside them. The basic info on character and plot included in those so called reviews were culled directly from the book description. I know this for a fact because most of those so-called reviews on the paperback were made BEFORE I sold my first paperback. Later, one of those people even took to harassing fans who liked my book by disparaging their positive reviews in the comments. Anyway that’s the reason the paperback is on very temporary hold. I have a book signing scheduled for September so  you can be certain the paperback will be available by then, and by then I’ll have enough genuine positive reviews to outweigh a handful of counterfeit negative ones. To my readers and fans I cannot express my gratitude enough about all the positive support I have received. It seems every novel I publish does better than the previous one and Reaping the Whirlwind is no exception. If I have any fans who don’t have the ability to read the e-book and you just can’t wait a little longer, I’m willing to mail my personal copy of the paperback to the first fan to ask for it (I only have one). To prove you’re a fan tell me your favorite character from any of my books and why and your favorite part of any one of my books and why. Thanks again to everyone for their support. The Last Hurrah will be out in a month or two!

Alternate History Map– North America–1895-1914

North America 1895 to 1914

Here is a map of North America based on my alternate history novels. This shows the boundaries of the various North American Nations during the interim between the end of the Spanish Confederate War and the World War. As many may have guessed the next book in this timeline will deal with a very different World War 1, from the one in our world. I’ll give some more info about it later but for now just know that the first book is provisionally titled Flags and Glory. I have a lot of research and preparation to do. In the meantime the next Starstorm novel should be finished soon, and after that I can hopefully finally have Barbarossa ready for release. Anyhow hope you enjoy the map!