Reaping the Whirlwind Released!

Reaping the Whirlwind Kindle Cover

Reaping the Whirlwind is finally finished. It has been published to Kindle and to Nook. Paperback will be released soon. Hope everyone enjoys!


One thought on “Reaping the Whirlwind Released!

  1. buho77 says:


    Just finished all three on kindle in the past couple of weeks. As soon as I saw that the third one might involve my native Puerto Rico, you had a customer!

    Having finished, ‘Gracias’ (Thank you) for the story. Next time I’m in the Isla Verde area, I’ll be thinking of the French/CSS Marines coming ashore. According to Ivan Musicant, Cervera almost took the fleet to San Juan from Santiago the day before being blockaded!!!, and yes by then ‘Puerta de Tierra’ (where you aptly describe the traffic jam) had been recently removed (in ’97). Maybe the battle of ‘Miramar hill’?

    My track in alternate history goes with yours (although I’m older), when I first head Dick DeCastel (sp?) reading “Guns of the South” as a grad student at night at Michigan State almost 30 yrs ago. The concept fascinated me, and yes, Harry Turtledove deserves a statue, somewhere.

    Keep them coming, shoot me an email for a consultation if I might impose,


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