Alternate History Money / Bookmark / Progress Report

CS Money Book Mark

When I was a kid in middle school and high school I used to print my own gray Confederate money. I printed it under “the authority of the Provisional Confederate States Government in Exile”. It also included the phrase “redeemable upon the restoration of the Confederacy.” What can I say, I had an active imagination. Anyway in my writing time this morning I needed to shake the juices loose so to speak so I threw together this alternate history banknote. I’m thinking of making some book marks for my next book signing and to give away to friends. Alternate History Confederate money would, in my opinion, make a cool book mark. The portrait is that of Confederate President John Marshall Stone. In real life he was the longest serving governor of Mississippi. In my novels he is the President of the CSA during the Spanish-Confederate War. This note is supposed to be from a later time period. Early twentieth century. I know, it needs lots of work. I’m a writer, not an artist–accept when I have to be– *cough* affordable book covers *cough*. Anyhow wanted to give everyone another update. I’m nearly done drafting the last scenes! 🙂 I’ve done a lot of editing as I’ve gone along but (sigh) there is still a lot left to do. As certain fans and critics have pointed out, there’s always more to do. If you’ve never tried editing four hundred something pages of your own writing you have no idea what your missing. Editing your own work is hard because (speaking for myself) I often see what supposed to be there as opposed to what’s actually there. Anyhow, after that I have to design and format the e-book for Kindle and Nook and the paperback for Createspace. Launch is tentatively scheduled for mid to late May. Stay tuned…


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