My Early Motivations to write Sci-Fi / Update on Battle Line


Star Wars Book Cover

First off, its going to be ONE MORE WEEK before Battle Line goes live. I wanted to release it this week so very much but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to edit this week like I thought I would. The kids had Monday and Tuesday off of school and then Thursday my son was sent home from school sick and then Friday he ran into another kid on the play ground at recess and got one of his teeth knocked out. Can anyone say Dentist? So any how one more week. I’d love to upload it now but I really want to do a better job of editing it. I’m trying guys. I’m a story teller not an English major. My lovely wife is going through the manuscript herself trying to help me edit it. Barring another week of mayhem and chaos I’ll have it out by Friday, September 12th!

Now I wanted to share with everyone one of my early motivations to be a novelist / story teller. When I was a kid I was a big STAR WARS fan. My Mom bought me the original trilogy on VHS and I probably watched each one about a million times. At the beginning of each VHS before the movie they had an interview with George Lucas about the film. I remember on the interview before THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Lucas was talking about the difficulty back in the 70s and 80s with making good looking special effects and bringing his awesome visions from his imagination to the screen. He made a statement that had a major impact on my life. He said, “If I was a novelist I wouldn’t have to think about it I’d just write it, but when I make a movie I  have to ask myself: How am I going to do this?” I’d already taken my first steps to being a writer, I’d written quite a few short stories / comic books by that point but that statement that implied “As a novelist I could do anything my imagination could come up with” was a major inspiration for me. It also helped me understand something that Gene Roddenberry had said in his introduction to the VHS release of the Cage. He talked about the “enormous power of imagination” and “whole worlds that could come from inside peoples heads.” In those interviews I also learned from Lucas the basic structure of a good dramatic story. In drama you have three acts. The first act introduces everyone and gets things started. The second act is the dark act, its where the characters in in trouble they’re in a hopeless situation a “black hole” as Lucas put it from which there is no escape and no victory and then voila in the third act they get out and against all odds win! There’s a million possible takes on that basic story arch. For anyone interested here are links to the interviews with Lucas and the video with Gene Roddenberry. Keep your eyes peeled this coming week for Battle Line the second installment in the SAGA OF STARSTORM!


3 thoughts on “My Early Motivations to write Sci-Fi / Update on Battle Line

  1. lee guo says:

    Hey Billy Bennett, when is this Battle Line book coming out? It’s been 6 days since september 12th. What happened????

    • It’s been uploaded. Sorry about the delay. Day job and family have a habit of intruding on my book time and had to deal with strep throat this week. I liked your cover and may use one of those artists in the future. I’m looking forward to reading your novel as well. We indies need to network more often.

      • lee guo says:

        My book is very bad, haha. You don’t have to read my book. It’s just a ton of space battles, haha.
        I agree. We indies need to network.
        I am glad you’re willing to use my cover artist. She’s awesome.
        I’m sorry to hear about the strep throat.
        I’ll go buy Battle Line today!

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