Starstorm on the verge of release!

Dear readers, I am pleased to announce that Starstorm is on the verge of being released! I’ve got a few finishing touches to put on the manuscript and I have to finish the making the final cover but it should be out soon! I’d like to take a moment to tell you a few things about Starstorm. It is technically my first novel. I started writing it in high school and finished it after graduation. It’s original title was Thunder in Space. Unsurprisingly I was unable to get a publisher to even look at it. I got a second job and self published it in 2004.

Life has been busy since then. I met my wife, got married, went through Seminary, had three kids, pastored churches, written alternate history novels but in the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to go back and finish the story I began with Thunder in Space. But before I could continue the story, I needed to bring up the quality of the first book. I’ll be honest. If you read it in its original form you can tell that a 16 year old was the author. I’ve completely rewritten most of the first two chapters and polished up the rest of the book. To help give the book a fresh start I’m also giving it the new title Starstorm.

I had many inspirations for Starstorm growing up. Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Robotech, Masters of the Universe, the Black Hole— and a plethora of other Science Fiction shows and books fired my imagination in my youth. When I was ten years they came out with Star Wars and Star Trek Micromachine starships. Unfortunately at that time my mother couldn’t afford to get them for me so I took old toy parts, (guns, missiles, etc– anything that could conceivably look like a starship to a ten year old) and made starships out of them and even invented my own alien races and civilizations to go with them. Those races and ships became the basis for the aliens in Starstorm.

Starstorm is very much an action adventure space opera. Fighter pilots, Space Marines, Mecha’s and fleets of Starships clash in epic battles for the fate of humanity. I hope everyone enjoys it! 


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