Political Correctness has no place in alternate history.

For a long time now, I have been aware that there is a sense of political correctness that many people try to impose upon the alternate history genre. Namely, I am speaking of the unwritten rule of some that there are certain armies, nations etc that must not, under any circumstances be allowed to ultimately win or be portrayed in any positive way. I don’t abide political correctness in my own life and views and I certainly won’t tolerate it in alternate history. I can name a plethora of alternate history books on the Civil War before my own where the history is changed in some way (example: the South wins Gettysburg) only to have the South still lose in the end. Just to name one example, Robert Conroy’s 1862 has Britain enter the civil war on the side of the CSA over the Trent Affair, and then he has the Union defeat the CSA and Britain in the course of a year. In real life, it took the Union until 1865 to defeat the Confederacy. One of the reasons I wrote By Force of Arms the way I did is because of all the Union bias that exists in much alternate history fiction that is out there. Many of my British fans have pointed this out as a reason that they liked By Force of Arms.

I am personally descended from both Confederate and Union veterans of the Civil War (though the Union vet was a Southerner who fought for the Yankees). I am not ashamed of my Confederate heritage. In my books I have not sugar coated slavery or the racism that existed in both the North and the South in the 1800s. Slavery and racism were unfortunate realities that cannot be ignored in any book set in the period. But contrary to the politically correct version of history being taught today, the war was fought for many reasons in addition to slavery, and the CSA was not some rabid evil prototype of Nazi Germany. Most Confederate soldiers were honorable and patriotic men who did their duty to defend their homes from an aggressive military invader.  My own ancestor Private Joseph Agee Dumas did not own slaves. He was drafted into the Confederate Army and had no choice. He did his duty and like so many others in the civil war he died from disease.

Many people have attacked my books, mainly because I broke the unwritten rule and allowed the South to win and win big. In my books I’m going to show how history might have gone because to me (and others) it is fascinating. I want to know what a 21st Century CSA would be like and what its history up to that point would be. What would its world be like? That’s why I’m writing these books. And I will let my readers in on one thing– when the CSA of my world gets to the present day it will not be the racist nightmare that many proclaim as the only possibility.





Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone. My family and I have had a wonderful vacation here in Mississippi visiting our loved ones. Tomorrow we hit the road for home. I’ve had plenty of time to brainstorm on Hard SF story ideas, and I tell you a little about those but first…

Rebel Empire’s sales are at awesome levels! I’m selling four times as many books as By Force of Arms was at this point in its release. By Force of Arms has also seen a boost since the release of Rebel Empire. Thank you, to all my fans and readers, I truly hope you enjoy the books! Thanks to those fans who have posted positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, they are much appreciated and very encouraging. As I have lamented, in previous posts, some people can be very heartless in their written reviews. It is comforting and encouraging to know that there are people out there who like my novels.

As I put in my last post, I’ve been rereading some of my old favorites by Jules Verne and HG Welles. It just so happens that my father and I watched the old 1960 Time Machine Movie. It was one of my favorite movies as a child. I have been inspired to write a time travel novel. I’ve come up with two ideas. One involves using Einstein’s theories on light speed and modern theories on Kensian Black Holes and White Holes to come up with a space exploration story where a space ship makes an exploratory voyage which takes 50,000 Earth Years (1 Shipboard Year), then travels through a Kensian Black Hole, emerges from a White hole and then ultimately returns to earth 1 day after it originally departed!

My other idea involves a criminal from the future who escapes into the past. A special time agent / bounty hunter is sent into the past to capture him. The agent will chase the criminal through history– from one time era to another. This will allow me to draw on my historical knowledge.

More to come later! Look for Starstorm to be released on or about February 1st. God Bless Y’all!