Christmas Vacation / Brainstorming Time

I’m out of town and visiting family in Mississippi. I’m taking a break from my primary writing projects, but I’m also taking the opportunity to brainstorm.

Rebel Empire has had a wonderful debut for its first twelve days. It got its first review last night and the person rated it five stars! Its just one person but it made this indie writer/ publisher feel very good. I learned with my last book that some people can be pretty heartless when they review books. I don’t think they understand the time and hard work (not to mention the hopes and dreams) that many of us writers put into our work. I think after my last book I’ve developed a pretty thick skin. Still it was a joy for the first rating to be five stars.

Back on the brainstorming tangent, I’m wanting to expand my field of writing. Starstorm (which is military sf / Space opera) will be released, hopefully by February 1st. The sequel to Rebel Empire, “Reaping the Whirlwind” will be occupying the bulk of my limited writing time, especially if I’m going to have it released on schedule. Between “Reaping the Whirlwind” and “Barbarossa” (a WW2 alternate history) I’ve got my Alternate History niche well covered. I’m wanting to start a writing project that will be “Hard Science Fiction.” I’ve been rereading some of my childhood favorite books by Jules Verne and HG Welles. I’m amazed at how many things that they accurately predicted, some things that only now are beginning to be truly developed. I’m reading up on some of the newest breakthrough technologies and scientific theories and brainstorming story ideas.

I know some may ask, with your limited writing time, why do you work on so many projects at once. Well every writer is different, but I get writers block very easily. I have found that when I get stuck on one story it helps to go onto another. In short, I get more done (overall) when I have other projects to fall back on when I get stuck on my primary project. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


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