Writing Update: Rebel Empire Progressing, New Short Stories, By Force of Arms Revision Underway

Rebel Empire is still underway. I have also decided to write a short story set in the 1870s in between By Force of Arms and Rebel Empire. I plan to release it in April or May. It will also include the Prologue and first chapter of Rebel Empire.

I have also recently submitted a Science Fiction Short Story to Analog Science Fiction and Fact. If they reject it I’ll try Asimov’s and then the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. If all else fails I will Indie publish it as I did my novel. It’s my opinion that that is the true future of fiction publishing. By Force of Arms has done far better than I ever dreamed. Thank you to all my readers.

Also, thanks to the efforts of one of my readers, Mr. Dick Moncure, By Force of Arms has been professionally edited. I’m doing my best to get edits fully implemented. As soon as they are completed I will be putting By Force of Arms in other venues, including Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.