My New Writing Projects

With By Force of Arms published and on the market, (and doing far better than I ever expected) I’m dividing my limited writing time between four projects. I know some writers say that they can not work on more than one project at a time but I find it helps me get work done. When I hit  a block on one project I give it a rest and work on another.

My number one writing priority is the sequel to By Force of Arms. Rebel Empire will be a novel about a war between the CSA and Spain fought in the early 1890s. I included a special preview of it at the end of By Force of Arms and told my readers I would try to have it finished by October of 2013. If I discipline myself to write 1 page a day Mon-Fri, and write 2-3 Pages on Saturdays I should have it done in plenty of time.

I’m also in the brainstorming phase of another alternate history novel. My Grandfather in law has requested that I do an alternate history based on the Night of the Long Knives which happened during the early days of Nazi Germany. I’ve got basic plot. Rohm and his SA receive warning that the SS is about to move against them and move first. The result is a small Nazi civil war, SA vs SS, Rohm VS Hitler. Because of the chaos the Reichsweir (the German Army) declares martial law and enters the fray against both. I won’t say who will win because I don’t want to ruin the climax.

My other two projects are 1) Revising and Rereleasing my first Novel Thunder in Space. And finishing and releasing it’s sequel Thunder in Space: Counterstrike.


2 thoughts on “My New Writing Projects

  1. Dick Moncure says:

    Dear Mr. Bennett,

    I’m twenty pages into the Kindle of By Force of Arms; it’s excellent.

    I would sincerely like to proofread it for you so you can post a revision; I’m QA Director for a large IT company, I have done a lot of copyediting, I’m good at it and I’m fast. I love the English language.

    From experience and the people I work with, I know how hard it is to proof your own work, and I also know you want to write, not check spelling and look for by/buy typo’s.

    I would be very happy to help out with copyediting – certainly on Rebel Empire, if it’s too late to make changes to By Force of Arms. As some of the Amazon commenters said, typo’s distract from how good this book is.

    I also like alternate history and love GOOD alternate history. Bring The Jubilee is one of the best books ever written.

    Personally, my great-grandfather was in McLaws’ Division at Gettysburg. My wife is from Pittsburgh and forgives me.

    My email is; looking forward to hearing from you, and, again, great book.

    Dick Moncure

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