I’ve created a trailer for my novel on Youtube. I’ve (attempted) to embed it below. Please enjoy. It sure was fun to make. For some reason unknown to me I always seem to take on a corny English accent when I perform the role of narrator.





By Force of Arms is available!

My new novel By Force of Arms has been officially released. As of now it is available for the Kindle on Amazon.com. A Trade paperback will soon be available as well.

I decided to go ahead and self publish now after watching a writing / publishing lecture by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. He did a good job of showing the viability of “indie” publishing in today’s market.

I am very pleased with the final cover design. As people read it, I hope to get feed back.
For those interested in getting the book it is available at Amazon.com.

Here’s an e book cover I designed today.

       I have started the process of formatting my book to be an e-book. I’m following Smashwords style guide. Everything I’ve read about self publishing an e book says that you must have a professional cover. I did this one myself. Does it look good enough? Thoughts? Opinions? I’ve made six covers over the last week and this is the first one I’ve been somewhat pleased with.


To me the most frustrating part of writing is trying to find professionals willing to read your work and give you a chance. I’m in the final stages of editing my new alternate history novel By Force of Arms. I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep trying to get myself a literary agent or publisher or whether or not to self publish. I’ve just about had it trying to get an agent. Most of the ones I contact don’t even bother to give me a reply. I appreciate those who at least say thanks but no thanks. My current plan is to start submitting directly to publishers. The problem is there are very few that will even look at a new manuscript from a new writer. Del Rey has published most of the alternate history novels I have seen and read but they won’t even look at my manuscript without an agent. Tor, Baen and Daw will at least look at it though it will take months for me to get a reply from each of them. My current plan is as follows:

1. Continue trying to get an agent by sending out queries.

2. Submit my manuscript to the few publishers that will look at it.

3. At the same time make all necessary preparations to self publish my book.

4. If my manuscript is rejected by Tor, Baen and Daw (a process that could take a year and a half to two years) and if I still don’t have an agent then I will self publish.

Does this sound like a sound plan?

To me the most …